Cannes Lions Festival

How we ended up in Cannes

About a month ago we won Gold at the National Advertising Challenge for our work on Canada Post’s direct mail brief. Gold winners in all categories win a trip to Cannes and a pass to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. For us the timing could not have been better. We had just launched our agency and were super excited for the experience to attend the festival and get inspired.

The festival

Cannes Lions is an international festival attracting people from communications, marketing, entertainment, design, and tech. It’s the place to find out where the industry is heading and see some of the world’s best creative work get awarded live. This year’s festival included inspiring talks from the likes of Halle Berry, Casey Neistat, and Halsey, to name a few.

With a huge list of brand sponsors there is no shortage of fun stuff to do. There were all sorts of awesome instalments, everything from a Youtube private beach to a Snapchat branded ferris wheel.

Ready to do some great work

After spending a week hearing from some of the best creative minds in the industry and seeing some of the best creative work in the world, we are definitely inspired. It’s kinda like that moment when a boy goes to his first Major League Baseball game, looks out on that huge field and┬ádreams of the day he could play out there. For us, we’re super inspired and ready to play on that field as soon as possible.