Wunder makes Adweek’s
best 25 ads of 2021

We’re super excited to have made Adweek’s best 25 ads in the world for 2021. We landed in the #19 spot with our Relief campaign from earlier this year. We’re definitely in good company, alongside some massive brands and brilliant campaigns.

From Adweek: When Netflix’s Squid Game became one of the biggest hits in streaming history, several brands tried to clasp onto the Korean series’ wave of popularity—with often garish results, given the show’s graphic depictions of a gameshow-like competition in which losers are murdered on the spot. But one shining exception was the minimalist out-of-home campaign by Relief, an app designed to help you get out of debt, and Canadian agency Wunder. Printing cryptic cards like those given to debt-oppressed contestants in the show, Relief handed out thousands across Miami and New York. On the back of each was a message that would resonate with anyone who’d watched the show: “There’s a better way to get out of debt.”

To see the full list on Adweek, click here.

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