Dead With Sign —
The Sawmill Haunt


One of the most popular influencers in the world is an Instagram account by the name of Dude With Sign. With over 8 million followers, he’s known for his humorous commentary and satirical protests written on a cardboard sign. The Sawmill Haunt wanted ‘Dude With Sign’ to promote their latest haunted experience, but he wasn’t returning our calls.

So we created our own influencer called Dead With Sign. A zombified version of the famous influencer, holding signs that humorously encourage people to get out and do something exciting at The Sawmill Haunt this year.


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“A zombie 'Dude With Sign'
is popping up in Ottawa”

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“One of the most spellbinding
Halloween Ad Campaigns of 2022”

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“Sawmill Haunt gives
influencer a spooky twist”

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“Instagram influencers are
officially undead in Ottawa”

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