Sleep Well

Assante’s competitors typically use visuals of older people in retirement to show the long-term benefit of wealth management. But humans are hardwired to prioritize instant gratification over long-term goals. Through research and client surveys we uncovered a more immediate benefit that Assante provides all of their clients—a good night’s sleep.

So we positioned Assante as the solution to all your sleep problems. And through a creative media strategy, we reached our audience when they needed us most. The campaign also included a sleep playlist of soothing money related classics and a microsite with bedtime stories read by Assante’s financial advisors to make sure our clients could sleep even better.

“These advisors literally help you sleep”

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“The solution to all of your sleep problems”

  • Client: Assante Hydrostone
  • Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
  • Director of Strategy: Mike Postma
  • Project Manager: Cobie McFallon