White Christmas


To promote our agency during the holidays, we ran completely blank white “ads” for the month of December. Most may not have noticed these blank ads at first, but that was the point. Our intention was to give people a break during the busiest advertising season of the year. After a week in market, we shared the reason for the ads on social and got everyone talking about our small creative agency, all around the world.


  • Integrated Campaign
  • Self-Promo


  • Communication Arts – Winner
  • Applied Arts – Winner (2)

“Agency Bought $10K of Ad Space
and Left It Blank as a Gift to You”

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“This Genius Agency Just Spent
$10,000 on Blank Ad Space”

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“Halifax agency Wunder decided*to give people a break from ads”

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“Gloriously empty ads where messages*of consumerism would live”

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“This Canadian company's*blank Christmas campaign is*all kinds of brilliant”

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“Creative agency buys $10k*of blank ad space to give*everyone a break from ads”

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