Recalling Cards —


U.S. credit card debt recently hit $930 billion, with 18-29 year olds carrying the most debt. Relief is an app that eliminates debt, using AI to work directly with creditors and actually reduce what people owe. Squid Game, a series focused on 456 people who are deeply in debt and risking their lives for the chance to win a lot of money, was on track to become Netflix’s most streamed show. So we recreated the show’s iconic calling cards and placed thousands of them around major cities. Not to invite those facing financial despair to play in the Squid Game, but to let them know there’s a better way to get out of debt.


  • Ambient


  • Adweek – Top 25 Ads (2021)
  • ADCC – Silver
  • Applied Arts – Winner (2)
  • Communication Arts – Shortlist

“A very clever
marketing ploy”

“Financial freedom without
the risk of headshots”

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“Debt relief app taps
into Squid Game craze”

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“Squid game inspired this brilliant
idea for an ad about debt”

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